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GeoArabia is an international journal that publishes leading-edge Middle East petroleum geoscience studies. The journal is quarterly and printed in Bahrain as authorized by the Directorate of Public Relations, Ministry of Information, Kingdom of Bahrain. GeoArabia is registered with the Copyright Clearing Center, Boston, and indexed in GeoRef, the 'Bibliography and Index of Geology', produced by the American Geological Institute. GeoArabia may not be reproduced, stored or transmitted, without written permission from Gulf PetroLink.

GeoArabia is fully edited in English and its full-color graphics are designed by Gulf PetroLink. Much effort is put into the editing and graphic design of each paper in the process of producing a top-quality journal that does credit to the professionalism of the authors and the quality of the science. The technical papers are reviewed by two or more anonymous experts, including members from the Editorial Board. The Board members are recognized technical leaders and represent corporations, universities, geological surveys and societies.

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If you experience any problems downloading GeoArabia papers-on-line please write to Mr. Arnold Egdane at or call +973 17226959. Working hours are Bahrain time 8:00am-1:00pm and 3:00pm-6:00pm (GMT plus four) from Sunday to Thursday.

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Volume 20, 2015

Volume 19, 2014

Volume 18, 2013

Volume 17, 2012

Volume 16, 2011

Volume 15, 2010

Volume 14, 2009

Volume 13, 2008

Volume 12, 2007

Volume 11, 2006

Volume 10, 2005

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Volume 1, 1996

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